Milky painting

30 x 110

réf MK 003

168,00 €




From the most beautiful, or quite simply your favourite painting or drawing by your little one, be an artist will create a completely unique piece of art and home design by dividing your painting or drawing into several pieces.

SHEEPY is the ideal format for children’s drawings with lots of patterns and colours, or if you simply want to create a sense of space and a contemporary feel.

Cut to optimise and enhance the overall effect into either 2, 3, 4, 6 or 9 pieces, depending on the drawing or painting in each case.

Photos non-contractual.

All be an artist creations are printed onto ultra-light, compact, frameless foam mounts with a polyurethane core,10mm thick. 

The surface is treated and resistant to both UV light and humidity.

The printing process sets off and enhances crayon and paint strokes, while staying faithful to your child’s original design.

And that little extra touch of the Be an artist canvas is the velvety finish, giving the artwork a silky look !

At be an artist we place great importance on the finish of our creations and package your precious artwork with the utmost care making sure it travels in the best possible conditions. 

And, the story doesn’t end there. We also include specially designed extra-flat stick-on patches in the package to make the hanging child’s play too.

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